Who are we?


It all started a few years ago when, like many of you, we were looking for options to send our children abroad to learn English. Through the search, many companies promised welcoming families, BBQs by the beach, weekend trips to London, visits to famous pubs and morning grammar classes. All of this, however, together with their own group of friends or Spanish locals! We quickly realised our children would be having a great time but they were clearly not going to be speaking much English. We decided to take the matter into our own hands. We moved to England, signed our children up in local English schools, and set up this business to help your children become fluent in English through an excellent, personalised, and friendly immersion programme.

After becoming fluent in English many of our students have gone to study abroad and have managed to meet their goals and dreams. They have become citizens of the world, independent, studying abroad and learning more languages.
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